Thursday, September 20, 2007

10 K-Ville Predictions

So I reviewed K-ville, and I read some other reviews as well. One thing that I am learning as I read other people's blogs is that they are a hell of a lot more observant about things than I am. And I consider myself pretty observant. ( e.g., I play that find the differences game at the bar all the time. Must be a different skill.) Rather than compete with those people, I would like to give my predictions about what will happen next week on K-Ville.

1) Trevor will need "etouffee" to think.
2) There will be a reference to "makin' groceries."
3) Someone will call a particularly vivid color "K&B purple."
4) The criminal element will have a horrendous name like "Clementine du Villere La Truffle."
5) Most of the murders/crimes/assaults/burglaries/etc. will take place in the French Quarter and not in Central City.
6) Shrimp boats will set out from the Mississippi River.
7) More items will magically "appear" from the flooded basement of Central Lock-Up.
8) A white guy will use the phrase OPP again. Also, he will seem to not know what it means again.
9) Rich white people will live in huge mansions with an awning of mature oak trees. Other city residents will live in "shotguns" in the Upper Ninth ward.
10) Someone will try to do harm to the Super Dome.
11) Fluffy du Boisblanc et CoqauVin will sing horribly.

Things that will not happen in K-Ville.
1) A discussion of why exactly the levees broke.
2) Real gangs and gang/drug-related violence (there are not enough story lines there for Fox writers. On the other hand, I bet this is as gritty/complicated/abhorrent as underworlds get these days)
3) In a six second chase, the officers will end up in LaPlace, New Orleans East, and Thibodeaux.
4) A patrol stop leads to drugs and an arrest without torture.
5) Someone will drink a Sazerac.

Like I said, I will still be watching. It's New Orleans.

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