Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Since I don't live in New Orleans anymore, I watch anything and everything that has to do with that place. I watched K-Ville with its bad accents, questionable geography, tourist-based focus, and overused Creole food references. There were some parts that were campy, and even my wife said that the story-line was far-fetched. She found the show unwatchable mostly because I kept pausing TiVo to explain stuff to her. She still can't believe that she married someone from such a "weird" place.

What I liked - It was about New Orleans. The 1000-yard stare. The cops leaving duty. Trying to get a life, including wife and kids, that is sustainable in New Orleans. Setting in the Upper Ninth.

What I didn't like - Chase scenes not in New Orleans. Swimming in the Mississippi. Using the word "neutral ground" as a place to drive. A place called "Ziggy's". Casino references. Clearly not set in the Upper Ninth. Playing only Dixieland Jazz music. Drive-bys in the French Quarter.

What bothered me (sort of) was the references to all the things that have been in the news since Katrina (Blackwater, corruption, etc.) .

Will I watch it again? Yes. Because it's about New Orleans.

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Anonymous said...

What I liked about the show they used the term "They moved to Jackson." I'm guessing Jackson, Mississippi. The last time Jackson was used was on the televison show "In the Heat of the Night." We all know about the fake southern bad accents.