Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dambala, Are you Listening?

No notice of this on, but the Houston Chronicle reports that New Orleans is getting its first ever inspector general. Robert Cesaroli, the former inspector general for Massachussets, begins his job in August. I find it interesting, if not slightly ironic, that someone from Massachussets is going to be doing this job and not someone local (Dambala?). Maybe the Corps of Engineers could use a local guy to help them out.

According to the article, the city council created the job but have only given Mr. Cesaroli a budget of 250k. Do they know who the mayor is?

My Predictions:

1) The city council will handcuff him monetarily as soon as he starts making a stink about some of the questionable dealings of Mr. Nagin and cronies. Some of the council members themselves could be involved in investigation

2) The fact he is from Massachussets will be an issue (though it shouldn't). If the mayor and city council were doing their jobs, this would have been done long ago. There is a reason we haven't had this position before.

3) Mr. Cesaroli will resign within two years citing the difficulty he is having pursuing unethical behavior. The next person will be a colleague/friend/business partner of a politically connected family. Even though the Jeffersons seem to be targets right now, many members of the family still have their hands in the governmental cookie jar.

4) There will be something high profile very soon. And nothing will come of it.

I hope I am wrong about all of this. I can't wait to see, though.

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Have you been hanging around Jeffery over at the library?