Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where's the news

I was writing a post today about how the rest of America views New Orleans post-Katrina. I am not happy with it right now, so I am leaving it as a draft until I get it right. The gist of the post is that they just don't know. They can't possibly know.

In other news, the judiciary in New Orleans has had about enough of Mr. Jordan's antics.

As a follow up, I did a quick search on google for Cesaroli, the new "attorney general"(?) of New Orleans. I haven't read anything anywhere else about him aside from the Houston Chronicle and my original post. I was hoping to read more about this guy, about his ideas, about his start date, anything. Imagine my surprise when my blog came up with the first hit.

Hey, guys, you have the feet on the street. What's up with this guy? When does he start and what is going to do?

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