Monday, August 27, 2007

Trip Notes

This last weekend, I was on a quick trip to New Orleans thanks to the lovely airline known as US Airways. Besides canceling my flight on Thursday, they canceled my flight home on Sunday and lost my bag. It eventually made it to my house today.

While on said trip, I noticed a couple of things that I had not ever picked up on before.

1) I saw a bumper sticker on a car outside of Crabby Jack's. It was for "Citizens For 1 Greater New Orleans." This group seems to have started out as a levee board consolidation effort which has continued. They had a meeting today with some pretty big political names. I hadn't heard anything about the meeting but Jim Letten, Warren Riley, and James Carter were on the bill.

2) The service I received in virtually every location in New Orleans was abysmal. It began on Friday at Crabby Jack's, continued at Liuzza's By the Track and the Black and Gold Sports Shop, and ended at the Louisiana Music Factory. I think I would like to attribute the poor treatment to either a) it's August and people are hot and drained or b) people, in general, have had just about all they can take in terms of hardship. The places that I went just didn't have much of a New Orleans' feel to them. Usually someone who is waiting on you or taking your money for whatever reason is happy to chat, share a story, or laugh at a bad joke. Something seemed to be missing. I hope it was just me and that I was there at the wrong time. After talking to one of my best friends, I have to say that I will make a concerted effort to "vote with my wallet." Just so you know, Aidan Gill will continue to receive my support. Also, I will continue to come to New Orleans no matter what, so people can't scare me off with their bad attitudes. Just won't work, so knock it off.

3) Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to Rising Tide 2, but I did run into Berto who told me it was great. I wish I could have made it. Maybe next year...

4) Paul Sanchez concert at Carrollton Station was awesome on Saturday. He has a new album coming out called "Exit to Mystery St." Maybe that should go on my other blog.

Keep your head up, New Orleans. The cameras of the nation will be on you again this week. Keep the message clear and loud and firm -


I will be watching.

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