Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What the Funk?

I read this article today regarding the latest Galactic release. I am interested to hear more, but I am shocked at this quote:

Started in the Crescent City and moved to Pennsylvania in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina...
WHAT!?!?! When did Galactic move to Pennsylvania? Where? Why wasn't I notified!!!

I was just going to order the CD online, but I realized that I would rather spend my money at the Louisiana Music Factory this weekend. I have a few places that I always stop to spend some of my money - LMF, Aidan Gill, PJs*, Liuzza's By the Track, and hopefully at least on restaurant I have never been to before - maybe Voodoo Barbecue. But after the last paycheck from the old job, some of this fun may have to be curtailed.

*I know they are based in Atlanta now, but no where else have I ever seen Viennese Blend coffee. That roast is just perfect for Iced Coffee. Nothing else tastes quite as good.

PS - The original title of this post was HipHopapotamus. It's a reference to our favorite new show on HBO - The Flight of the Conchords. If you've never seen it, here is a clip of the guys singing one of their songs. I don't think the new Galactic album is going to sound like this...

I don't have a rapping name yet. What's yours?

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