Friday, August 24, 2007

Rain, Rumor, Love and Hate

I brought my mom some rain. Not a hurricane. Just a little afternoon thunderstorm to wash the dust off of everything. For those who do not know, I tend to be a storm god of sorts. Now it's going to be hot AND even more humid.
My neighbor has sort of kinda nominated me to help organize/open a New Orleans style restaurant in Easton. Attention, Mr. Nagin: This is how you keep the "brand" out there.
For the first time maybe ever, my mom was at the airport on time AND she wanted to take me out for some lunch. I made her take me to Crabby Jacks. Finally I was able to eat the Slow Roasted Duck po-boy. Next time I am getting the duck.
I do not care for United Airways. I will never fly on their airline again. I am sure that they do not care what I will or will not do, but I can most definitely state that I will never again give them my business. I was supposed to get to New Orleans last night, but I had to take a different flight this morning. I could understand if there was a weather issue, but there was not. The one employee at the counter was not helpful, and she struggled to deal with the requests made by other flyers. She was not able to handle the responsibilities of her job. This is poor hiring. On the plane today, I just wanted a glass of water and some ginger ale. Instead of politely asking me to repeat myself, the attendant looked at me as though I had struck her and said, "What?!?!" I did not pay all that money to be treated that way, and I will not be doing it again.

And finally, the owner of my local coffee company in Easton asked me to pick up a CD for him at the Louisiana Music Factory.

Which reminds me of the list of things I have to do while I am here:
  1. Louisiana Music Factory - Charivari, some brass band dirges, new Galactic, Anders
  2. Voodoo Barbecue
  3. Rock N Sake'
  4. PJs for coffee and to find out about getting a couple of those Toddy Makers for some people so they can taste the difference between hot brew and cold brew. I believe that will be a life changing experience for some of them.*
  5. Aidan Gill - shaving cream, shaving oil, aftershave balm, and something for my neighbor who finally shaved his goatee after 15 years
  6. Some gallery on Magazine to find info on those scary dead doll pictures for a friend of my mother-in-law
  7. Black and Gold Sports Shop or the new one on Severn - i need a new Tulane hat and a Zephyrs hat and I owe my 11 year-old neighbor a Saints hat for taking care of the cats last week
  8. A store on Cleary for the blue glass houses
  9. Acquire some Absolut New Orleans
*I wish I knew more about coffee. One of these days, I am going to win the lottery and get all the coffee gadgets I can find. As it stands now, I know that I like different brews of coffee (not so much on the flavored stuff), and I know that I really like cold brewed ice coffee. After that, I am not much of an expert. I do drink cafe au lait and espresso and cappuccino, but I am not sure what a latte' is. or mocha. But I am willing to find out.

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Anonymous said...

Said coffee shop owner appreciates the effort on the music, and volunteers to be your coffee educator!