Sunday, February 11, 2007

What about this?

I have an idea. Can someone who knows all programming (nola-dishu? Schroeder?) be hooked up with someone who follows court records. Then, each murder can be tracked along with its progress in the justice system. Things like whether the suspect has been captured, arraigned, bail set, court date, charges, etc. Then we could really see how inept, overwhelmed, and inefficient Eddie Jordan really is. Then we can hold him accountable with solid facts (not that we can't anyway, but it might be more visual).

I think this is what Schroeder was saying in this post...but I am too slow or reading too fast to pick up on it. So I left him a comment. Then another. I am having a day.

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schroeder915 said...

Sorry -- I'm so busy lately that I'm barely keeping up. Things will level out eventually, but proving the concept of the very thing you're talking about has to be done right now before others have an opportunity to quash citizen momentum.

I can't say how right now, but we already have the data we need to track complaints through the process of arrests and prosecution.

It's on the way! Let's all just keep advocating for citizens to have access to public records -- 911 calls for service data, court records, docketmaster records, and all the rest.