Saturday, February 17, 2007


Clearly, something has to change. Eugene Treg, a bad guy with a criminal record, has been set free because of a delay in getting paperwork and evidence together. I wonder how many crimes in New Orleans are committed by the same few people. My bet is that a large portion of them. Remember "B-Stupid." He's still in prison without a trial and has been let go at least two other times. That's at least two people in New Orleans who would still be alive and three in Houston that he killed since Katrina. Who knows what Eugene Treg has done.


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dillyberto said...

On a more positive note, Ms. Toni was looking for Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell today. I told her you'd be in near Easter. She said in not so few words that she knew ya'll would be busy but she'd like to catch up.

I went to see Nana this evening. I was spot on she couldn't forget you, that's fo sure. She asked about Kate also - "Now tell me about the girl he married again, she's not from here." I was moved she got that all in her head. She wished you both well.

Yeah, Mardi Gras is not all about crime, Girls Gone Wild, and beer.

It's reunion time, every year.