Saturday, October 04, 2008

SEC vs. Big 12

There's been a lot of sports talk about which conference is stronger. And today the number 1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners opened conference play. Against Baylor. And they won. Big deal. It's Baylor. How can anyone who watches and comments on Division I football possibly think that the Big 12 is better? From top to bottom, every team in the SEC can win any given weak. Ole Miss beat Florida last week, for chrissakes. Is Baylor really going ever to compete with Oklahoma? When is Texas A&M going to return to their glory years (the 50s)? Kansas has a football team (are they better than Duke's?) I don't even think I can name all 12 schools. Even this year, Vandy is 4 and 0 and giving a much better Auburn a run for their money. SEC rules.

If you were to ask me about the top of each division, I would say that perhaps the best Big 12 team is better than the top SEC team. However, I can watch that happen shortly after New Years in the BCS Championship Game. Unless somehow it's Big 10 and SEC. I just don't see how the SEC won't be in it.

This is what people need to do to waste time on TV. There really is no debate.


Carl said...

Every team in the SEC with the most likely exception: Mississippi State (my alma mater). They are playing terrible.

LatinTeacher said...

MSU does stink. They have for quite some time. My cousin went there. They stank then.