Friday, October 10, 2008

Jason David Sucks More Than You Know

As much as I think Martin Gramatica is an ass clown and douche, Jason David cost us the Viings' game.  Here's how I see it:

Kaesviharn HAD to interfere.  #42 had been burned like my wife's rice.  Kaesviharn was simply taking charge of the play. Even though he was out of position, he wasn't passed by. 

I sat here watching and saw 42 in the game.  Oh, shit, I said to myself (and maybe out loud - I was slightly inebriated at that point).  And Gus Frerotte said, "Look at that shit.  They put him in.  I know who's getting my next pass."  And lo, so it was said and so it was done.

Result:  Pass Interference at the spot of the fowl.  Ryan Longwell hits a game winner. 

It is my personal opinion that Jeffery, Clio, Berto, Cliette, me, the ghost of Hap Glaudi, or golden throated Jerry Romig could do a better job of coverage than Jason David. 

Special Note to Mr. David:  Sir, I don't know what it is that happens in practice, but you have to a) pay attention to the opponent and b) TRY to do what your coaches tell you.  They can talk all they want but you are the one that has to perform the actions.  I strongly doubt that you "kick ass" at practice but just can't figure it out during the game.  When I used to play flag football, even I knew not to let the receivers get behind me.  How is it that you, a paid professional, do not understand this?  I suggest you tear up your contract and start coaching high school football.  Just don't coach the defensive backs.

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