Wednesday, October 22, 2008

By the numbers

This weekend in Columbus, OH, I ran in the Columbus 1/2 Marathon. 

Here are the numbers:
13.1 miles
Helped to raise over $25,000 for a family whose mom died from a rare cancer in March
11,000 others ran in the race
2 blisters the size of quarters- one on each arch
1 beaten up knee (the left)
5:00 AM wake up call
10:45 AM first beer
0 glasses of water after running

It was fun and challenging.  If my knee would cooperate, I would do it again.  I would love to run a full one before I turn 40 in a couple of years.  I think I would need to train a little more diligently than I did for this one.  You know, the Mardi Gras Marathon is coming up....  And I already know I can run 13.1 miles...I wonder is I have enough time to train.

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