Thursday, September 11, 2008

What I Would Like to See

An NFL commercial featuring a Brass Band in someone's kitchen while they are cooking red beans and rice and watching a Saints game with their son and wearing black and gold face paint (vs. those mardi gras feather masks). Of course, it would be pretty cool if they were wearing gold jumpsuits, too. A second commercial could feature the black and gold bike patrol. Sans the visit for Bloody Doubles...

The one where everyone in New Orleans lives in the French Quarter doesn't do it for me. Neither does the idea that there is a "Sports Store" down there. A store front full of shirts that say "I got Bourbon Faced on Shit Street!" would, unfortunately, be more accurate.

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Anonymous said...

Change your profile; you ARE a Latin (and history) teacher at a small, independent school in NJ. It's good to have you back, Mr. Mitchell. : )