Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hoodoo and gris-gris

I think I inadvertently contributed to the Saints loss last weekend.  I neglected to wear any Saints gear until the second half, and George's Saints outfit never left the back of the big red chair.  Also, I kept thinking I was going to get it all together and make a big ol' pot of duck and sausage gumbo.  I didn't.  And all those empty promises led to the Saints losing (that and the fact that they didn't run the ball much in the 4th quarter despite a 9 point/2 possession lead).  Also, I didn't drink.  I am not sure what I was thinking.

But this weekend I did get to it.  My house smells amazing like only gumbo can!  And now I just have to get all the stupid little chores done so I can focus on the important part of the day - watching the Saints and eating.  And maybe a couple of Abita Ambers.  Or a dozen.  The gris-gris should be off now.  Go Saints!

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