Saturday, September 13, 2008

Morons Are Everywhere

Especially here. I appreciate little in his argument - starting with the part in the title where he puts the question mark. Hey, Sadim Touch, you suck. Jason David sucks as a DB. George Bush sucks as a president. Dave Wannstedt sucks as a coach. You suck as a human being.

Your assumptions are beyond understanding. Are there no poor other than in New Orleans? I have been to Columbus, and I live in Pennsylvania. There are poor families all over this country. I am amazed that you seem to think they were all in New Orleans. I wonder how many of these homes were in "flood plains" in Iowa. Or Missouri. Or Pennsylvania. Or wherever you live.

In response to you blog, let me say this - Louisiana is a state that is a member of the union of states, much like whatever state you live in. We have bought in to the idea that there is one "federal" government who has the best interest of all its constituents at its heart. New Orleans is a city in one of these states. People come to New Orleans to abuse it - they drink too much, they eat too much, they use our oil and gas, but they don't want to acknowledge its importance outside of that. All we know is how to party.

But that is a foolhardy view. New Orleans is a MAJOR port. Not just in the UNITED States, but internationally. It is at the mouth of the river that drains over 2/3s of the very productive first world UNITED States. Many other countries (and states) would envy a city with as much diversity and wealth as New Orleans. It provides seafood, rice, sugar, natural gas, and petroleum products to the rest of the UNITED States. Cut off your nose to spite your face? Ever heard that one?

It is sad when a politically contrived "economic downturn" can make other Americans question whether another city lives or dies. My brother-in-law is a mortgage broker in Ohio - and he is having a tough go of it. I resent, Samid, that you think the federal neglect of New Orleans impacts his livelihood and family. Poor decisions by lenders for many years (encouraged by governmental entities like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae) have led to this. Hurricane Katrina, and the failure of the federal defenses, did not.

So, SAMID, I am calling you out. You are a jerk. And an asshole. And you can suck it.

Even with your assinine comments, I bet there are New Orleanians who would invite you to their houses for dinner or drinks. We don't tend to hold grudges - we like everyone - even if they call for more of the same. Spend some time with someone from New Orleans, and you will understand how important it is. Theories are awesome; reality generally is something differnt.

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