Monday, February 18, 2008


Michael reminded me that because Mardi Gras was so early this year, it seems like a long time until JazzFest. In a normal year, I would probably agree. This post is not in chronological order.

In the midst of a kitchen/bathroom/sunroom remodel and expecting a baby boy in the beginning of April, I can't seem to find enough time. To save money on our remodel (how much I don't know), I am painting. Nonstop. I just finished painting the nursery, and recently I have been painting beadboard in the kitchen and bathroom. It's not easy, but I guess it's easier than lugging the baby around all the time.

This weekend, my mom came up to spend a little time with us and go to the wife's shower here in Pennsylvania. My mom had a little baby shower with her friends in New Orleans and brought the gifts up here. It's amazing how many things a baby needs! We received tons of cool things, but I feel like we are missing some of the more important items. Like diapers. And somewhere to put dirty ones.

After we have the baby, I will be ceasing this line of work and be returning to teaching at the end of August at my old school. This should give me some time to spend with my son. We plan on hanging out at the pool.

And I am taking some time for myself for JazzFest. My sisters-in-law are coming for a weekend to meet their newest nephew, and I am going to head down to a well-deserved visit to New Orleans. I am looking forward to JazzFest, but I am curious to see how I will react to being away from the baby so soon. But it will be the only time that I spend away from him until August.

And, if I get the time, I need to create a myspace for Kermit at JazzFest. I would love for people to send pictures and befriend us. It would be even cooler if we could do a mashup of google maps and the location of the photographer...

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Cisium said...

Mitchell!!!!! You're coming back?? YAYYY. Sophilia and I are thrilled! And Claire! And I'm sure, everyone! You'll be back for our senior year =D I'm sure as we frolic and lark about doing nothing we will visit you often...