Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Idiots Everywhere

25 years ago, you wouldn't be caught dead in the town that spawned both baseball and Frank Sinatra (well, maybe if you were dead...). Now, however, Hoboken, NJ is a thriving small town just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. It has excellent restaurants, a bustling boutique store market, and an exciting nightlife scene. Some cops from Hoboken came to New Orleans to help in Kenner after Katrina and did some stupid things. They did even more stupid stuff in Hudson county. There is a lively blog discussion going on with this story in New Orleans. You should hear the outcry in NJ. It basically comes down to this - some people cannot handle authority in the proper manner. There are idiots everywhere.

PS - This is interesting to me because my wife was living in Hoboken before we moved out to Pennsylvania. I liked that little town. If you ever go, you need to get a Roast Beef and Mozzarella sandwich at Fiore's (only served on Saturdays). It rivals any RB poboy in New Orleans.

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