Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Job Update

I have completed the 90 day trial period and am awaiting my meeting with the owner/general manager of the training company for which I work. It has occurred to me that I have not yet given much of an update here. I have lots of thought about this especially as my life is about to take an expected and exciting turn in the next few months. I do not wish to be enigmatic so it is here that I will announce that my wife is pregnant. Because of this fact (planned, I may add), I would like to present a list of pros and cons about my old job (a Latin teacher) and my new job (computer trainer).

I will start with the new job since it is freshest in my mind:
a) It's mostly close to home - though I do have to travel in the area infrequently, it's mostly non-trafficked roads in the Pocono Mountains to Wilkes-Barre or down towards Reading.
b) I am meeting people who live in my area. I like meeting new people, and it gives me a chance to talk about New Orleans.
c) I like teaching computers because it gives me a chance to improve myself as well.
d) I don't have to get up at 5 AM.
e) I am given time to prepare for classes at work.
a) My company is run poorly.
b) Communication is poor, expectations are hidden, and follow-up is lousy.
c) I have to travel 90 plus miles sometimes one way in a day.
d) I am not given much time to prepare for classes. I would love to be able to do this at home, but because of the sins of some (who no longer work for the company) we all have to sit in a small room and study.
e) I make very little pay. I am afraid that the salary for which I took the job is not going to be enough to keep me doing this.
f) One week vacation.
g) Little support or motivation unless we are part of the sales team. We are not.

It seems to me that I have have chosen a career that I will to continue to pursue. I was happy at my old school, and I had things better than I could have expected.

I will be looking to return next fall, I believe. I have a lot of work to do to make that happen, but I think I can pull it off. At least, I know what I don't want to do now.


oyster said...

Hey, man: Hearty congratulations, and good luck in the professional jungle.

Wish you the best as you see your way through.

dillyberto said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Are you going to catch the Easton game?