Friday, December 01, 2006

A New Mission

I am concerned. I am worried. The state takes over and the problems are still the same. Is there corruption in the New Orleans Public School System? Absolutely. Is it going to go away any time soon? Looks like the answer is no.
While everyone can agree that the situation is dire for New Orleans Schools, there are far too few voices that decry its failure for the last 30 years. I do not have answers, but I sure have a lot of questions. Where are the books? Dr. Ashley proposes computers. Infrastructure problems. No air conditioning. Paychecks for absentee workers. Unearned pay. At what expense? The children?
The way to a strong economy is an educated populace. Poverty or not, the children of New Orleans deserve an education worthy of a world class city. As an educator, I am appalled. I am proposing for myself that this blog shift focus to become one of the voices for change. It is necessary, and it is time. If not now, when? Someone needs to hold the people in charge accountable. Might as well be me.

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