Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Art In Action

Editor B had a great post about "Guerilla Art" in Mid-City a few weeks back. I was showing a friend how cool this stuff was, and his update led me to the art in action blog where, so far, twelve installations have taken place across New Orleans. While all are interesting and cool to me, I find Site #8, Tennessee Street in the Lower Ninth ward is the most interesting. Croatoan was painted all over the dead oaks that lined the street. If you haven't driven through the Lower Ninth, you should. It feels like a lost and desolate outpost, abandoned by the world, doesn't it? I will be there in a few weeks to go check on a few of these in person.

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ARTinACTION said...

I randomly came across this post and am so glad to find it! I never know if this work is going into a void or not, but I know it's not, and then I get proof. Thanks for the love & support & hey: ArtInAction is going stronger than ever! Even while artists from NYC & Japan come in with mega-funding and connections they just can't beat this:

Thanks for the strength and support!