Saturday, April 08, 2006

Your New Orleans Saints

Today on Sportscenter I got the first glimpse of Drew Brees (injured and rehabilitating) in a Saints helmet. It looked good. And the Saints are back at their practice facility (and lots of people were watching). It looked good, too. Joe Horn and Deuce were interviewed. Deuce said that the Saints were just as much a part of the fabric of New Orleans as gumbo and seafood. I think Dillyberto will be pleased and in complete agreement (and may soon be wearing his own Deuce onesie). They seem to be very excited to be back home. Can't blame them. Maybe there is something positive going on in New Orleans (or is that Metairie?) after all.

The schedule game out this week. Looks like a nice opportunity for a winning season. Hope Coach gets them ready. Watch for October 15th. The Eagles (and possibly LatinTeacher) will be coming to town to kick some butt.


njgirl said...

Hi there!
Any chance your Saints will be making a trip out here to CO?
If so, I will try to be there so that you can be there in spirit!
:) S

LatinTeacher said...

There are only three Saints games, as far as I can geographically ascertain, that are west of the Mississippi River. Neither are in or near Colorado (San Fran, Dallas, and Green Bay). But root for the Saints. They need all the fans they can get.