Wednesday, April 05, 2006

FEMAlgiers and Nagin (link)

I read the article above and several things come to mind:
1) FEMA now thinks "Time is of the essence." Well, they finally figured that out. I think everyone but them already knew that.
2) FEMA does work now without paperwork. They have cut through the city's red tape and ignored the process put in place by the city, but the city is required to send paperwork two and three times. I think FEMA may have this misunderstood the concept.
3) FEMA reps are being intimidated by the New Orleans police and city residents. How does that feel?

I think that Nagin's plan for repairing apartments is much more feasible and is likely to have longer-term, more positive effects for the whole region. Once the people who are staying in the apartments get back to their homes, the apartments can be rented to people who can't afford to buy a house, thus bringing back more people to live in New Orleans. Isn't that what we want. This just makes sense to me. What do you do with the trailers once they are left? Can they be used to build levees?

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Bri said...

this is all on par with FEMA's ridiculous plan to close the basecamps housing volunteers in new orleans on april 10. see info on my blog at

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