Monday, April 17, 2006

Fun Idea

Ok, so I was driving around and I thought about this idea. I think I have to file a patent form, but I really want to create a series of "Natural Disaster Toys."

There would a water set that included FloodPlain Village (with floating houses and cars), Storm Surge City (with collapsable levees and Removable Roof (TM) stadium), Tornado Trailer Park (with downed power lines and exploding trailers), and Tsunami Town (with the bottom floors of the hotels removed).

The houses would have "HELP" spraypainted on the roofs or holes in the roofs or or blue tarps or an action family waiting for rescue with waving arms. Every house has a water line and broken windows. Rescue X declas would come free with each house. Cars would be abandoned and windows greyed out (unless we can figure out how to create a waterline). Trees are collapsable. Debris piles could appear in front of houses. I would try to figure out how to run a hose and have all the elements work. It might be my summer project.

The highways would of course be impassable due to poor construction and design and on the other end of town blocked by an armed police barricade. Garbage Dumps abound.

The characters would be "Rescue Me" Dans and Swimming Steves. Red Cross Rita hands out free lunches to Carlos, Rico, and Manuel. FEMA Brown and Secretary Jerkoff watch the tragedy unfold safely from a bunker several hundred miles away. Bands of looters cost extra. Da Maya would dress like Willie Wonka. The Governess. This list is pretty endless. Coast Guard Tom in his crashing whirlybird.

FEMA Trailers are on backorder. They are stuck in a warehouse in Arkansas.

I will add more as it comes to me.

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