Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear City Of Easton Public Officials

I voted FOR the charter change.  I did.  And when I got my tax bill this year, I was pretty upset.  I know you need some money.  I get it.  Things are tough for everyone, not just the city of Easton.  But to raise my taxes from 1% to 1.75% is pretty unconscionable.  My house (and many other houses) in Easton is virtually unsellable because.  My beautiful wife and I have worked hard to improve our house by painting it, remodeling a kitchen designed in the 1890s, and relandscaping the yard.  Why would someone bother looking at our wonderful, historic home when they could go over the hill in to Forks and buy a brand new house with none of the maintenance and a LOWER tax rate.  Why aren't they paying more taxes?  Don't their kids go to the same schools?  Don't they use the same roads (mostly MY road)?  Don't they get water from the now newly privatized Easton Suburban Water Authority?  Why are their taxes lower yet they get to use all the things that I pay for? 

Despite this, I still will volunteer to help Easton prosper and look its best.  I will shop locally, I will eat food from the Farmer's Market, and I will frequent local restaurants.  I will pay to park my car on the street, I will attend Council Meetings, and I will buy tickets for the Home Tour.  I will pay to run in local races, go to local festivals, vote for what's best for Easton, and be a member of my neighborhood association.  Your response to these actions is to raise my taxes.  This is unconscionable.  Reduce the tax on people who CHOOSE to live in Easton.  Find a better way (sales tax?) to fund the city.  I am outraged by this, and I hope you make a change for the better.

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