Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 Saints

Looking at the preliminary schedule for 2009, I notice the Saints are playing both the Jets and Giants and both games are in New Orleans.  That's disappointing because I would love some sweet justice for that game after Katrina where I had to endure scorn and cruel comments at a "home" game in the Meadowlands.  Sure they passed a bucket around.  But who knows where that ended up.  It might have been some Giant fans beer money for all I know.

In any case, a substitute teacher here suggested I travel to sites closer or cheaper to watch the Saints.  I am afraid of Eagles fans though I am one once the Saints aren't in the playoffs.  I would not want to be at Lincoln Financial Field wearing a Saints jersey.  So that leaves me a few other options:

Miami - never been.  Warm weather.  Hope for a December game.
Tampa - drove through once on my way to Sarasota.  Same as Miami
Washington - Would not go and tickets are probably absurd since they are sold out for 20 years.
Atlanta - I don't want to give my money to Atlanta.
Carolina - might be fun as long as it's not winter.
Buffalo - been there.  The wings are good.  Not going from October on
St. Louis - never been, but I am not sure it would be worth going.   
Philly - never been to a game there, but I would be afraid for my life.

I would love to go to a game with some other Saints fans.  Does anyone know of the group that gets tickets and leads trips to other towns?

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