Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Week

Lunch at Squeal on Oak, Phil's Grill, and Lucy's. Squeal was the best.

Dinner at Arnaud's. I had the quail. Totally worth it.

Found Brother's Three. Could become home away from home.

Shopped on Magazine - Aidan Gill is awesome, Vegas is unaffordable, Thomas Mann is perfect, Dirty Coast could use some help that was interested in helping customers. Their stuff is amazing and luckily sells itself.

Shopped at Louisiana Sports Shop (best salesman in town despite no Tulane stuff), Tyger Gifts (I went to Tulane, remember?), and Black and Gold Sports Shop (lots but expensive).

Saw Paul Sanchez (at d.b.a. and Carrollton Station), Prospect.1 (awesome), and Make it Right (even more awesome). I meet Chuck Taggart. Awesome guy and he should have been added to my blogroll long ago.

Finally got my Ycloskey High Tops from Dillyberto.

Continental Airlines gets a 0 out of 5 for delaying/canceling my flight and forcing me to drive to New Orleans with an 8 month old.

Kudos to the three grandmothers who took care of Baby George while I shopped, drank, and ate my way through another week in New Orleans.

Totally forgot (or ran out of time) to shop at Robert's for Sazerac Rye (thanks for the tip, Chuck!) and other necessities.

Got lots of books to read to George (and to my lovely wife) that explain the uniqueness of Louisiana and New Orleans.

Sure wish I had more time there.

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