Monday, May 05, 2008

Outpricing Locals?

One of the things that I tend to do is out-think myself. I often give people the benefit of the doubt, believing their motives to be pure. And so I have been thinking a lot about the price of JazzFest and the rapid rise of the ticket prices.
I hadn't thought of the up side - if the ticket prices go up, the local musicians can command more money. Of course, we will have to endure the large name stars who have little, if anything, to do with New Orleans (Bruce, Billy Joel) so that we can enjoy and pay Big Sam and Monk Boudreaux and the Hot 8. The other benefit is that those people who set up in front of stages early in the day have to expose themselves to local muse, as well. You wanna see Jimmy Buffet? You gotta listen to the subdudes first. Wanna see Stevie Wonder? Watch Art Neville. It's a sacrifice, but the crowds seemed to prove that it's workable.

I really like the way the final Sunday was scheduled. You wanna see the Nevilles? You have to watch Santana first. You wanna listen to the Radiators? Raconteurs are on stage before them.

The other unintended (is it?) benefit is that if everyone is going to be stationed out listening to Billy Joel, I get to hear Paul Sanchez play in an intimate setting with 100 of my fellow Paul fans.

Yes, the prices are steep. But the talent is deep and worth it.

Things I wish I had seen this weekend -

Terance Blanchard's A Tale of God's Will
The Wild Magnolias
Joe Krown
Papa Grows Funk
Trombone Shorty
PBR, Bonerama
Kirk Joseph's Backyard Groove


Age said...

i agree that the prices are getting a big excessive, although the big name acts are causing some of the rise as well. Billy Joel getting over 100K for a festival set is a bit silly. But they are seen as the "draw" to get more people through the doors. Makes me wonder how much VooDoo Fest is going to be in October.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for Kermit, But I must have missed you.

LatinTeacher said...

We were there on the first Friday and Saturday, but we kinda put Kermit down in the afternoon cause of the incredible April rain. Sunday we bailed because of the potential rain yet again.