Sunday, May 25, 2008

Must be a Myth-take

Unfortunately, it's not. Robert Asprin, one of my favorite science fiction writers, passed away this last week. I honestly had no idea that he was a resident of New Orleans.

I fondly remember reading his Myth books (with Skeeve and Aahz) and laughing gently at all the wonderful puns. If you ever get the chance to read one of his books you will smile, too. My favorite part was the misattributed quotes at the beginning of each chapter. He was obviously a clever man with a great sense of humor (he was reading a Terry Pratchett book when he died).

I suppose now I will go back and read the ones I have and purchase the ones I don't. I wish I could attend his memorial pub-crawl at Fahy's.

God Speed, Mr. Asprin.

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