Sunday, March 02, 2008

Awesome idea

Today, nearing the end of the remodel and the end of the pregnancy, my wife and I took a trip out to Babies R Us to return some items and get some necessities. Wow, I never knew there was so much stuff. We also stopped at Linens And Things for kitchen supplies to help organize the new cabinets. I love looking at items at the checkout so I noticed that there was a box of JellyBellies labeled BeanBoozled. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that each color jellybelly had the potential to be delicious or disgusting (vomit or peach, licorice or skunk spray, pencil shavings or banana, etc.). So I mentioned that I would probably not like the skunk spray one. The girl behind the counter said, "But you would be ok with the vomit?" My wife rapidly announced that I taught middle school. The girl seemed to understand my particular perspective. Of course, as I was leaving I realized that this would be absolutely perfect for my classes. I must find a large bag. Soon.

And the nasty ones are really nasty. Really. I still haven't had a vomit one, though.

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Anonymous said...

so you're actually coming back. interesting.........