Thursday, December 27, 2007


It seems to be that time of year - when people with the best of intentions make an effort to improve their lives as the calendar turns, hoping that this year will be different/better/more meaningful than others. I have tried to make resolutions in the past, and I really seem to have a great deal of difficulty sticking with them. But this year there is a baby on the way. My life is going to be really different no matter what, but I still have some personal goals that I feel I must achieve in order to make my life more complete.

Here is the partial list:
  1. Quit all of the bad habits that I can't seem to quit.
  2. Be patient and kind.
  3. Organize my financial records by month and not just shove everything into a file cabinet.
  4. Keep up with my blog more frequently and with better insights.
  5. Return to my teaching job. It's what I was meant to do with my life.
  6. Write thank you notes.
  7. Cook dinner more often.
  8. Keep my little office in my attic clean.
  9. Take some time off work to spend with the baby.
  10. Relax at the YMCA by swimming and playing.
  11. Paint the shutters. (It's been two years now.)
  12. Read more
  13. Learn Baby Sign Language.
Nothing on my list is obscenely difficult or out of the realm of possibility. I tried to keep everything concrete so that I can see them take place. One day I will get my printer fixed so that I can print this up and look at them frequently.

Anyone else have a list to share?

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