Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Odds

I receive my google news alert on New Orleans several times a day. It gives me stories from around the world about home, and I often find things to read about that I didn't know. I found the emails I received yesterday the most interesting - two stories about JK Rowling, five stories about the Saints, a personal account of a trip to New Orleans, a press release about a law firm, a "are they ready for business yet"? story, a conspiracy to wipe out New Orleans story, and this from the USA Today about the crackdown on corruption.
I am not sure that I consider the spread on the Saints-Falcons game news. But since it came in an email as such I will count it. That's 9 fluff stories, 1 wacko, and 1 "real" news story.
Basically it's 10-1 in favor of not news. I wish there were more "real" news stories about the struggles, trials, and hardships that New Orleanians were really facing.

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