Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Confidence, Motivation, Competence

This is what we thought we were getting from our Saints.

It is not. Drew Brees said that the team was "trying to find itself." This is not confidence.

The team seems beat down, beat up, and embarrassed. The defense could not find their asses if someone gave them a road map and allowed them to use both hands. Getting blown out of 3 of 4 games will deflate sails. Going down on the first drive, stalling, and missing field goals makes all your effort a waste of time. This is not motivating.

Devery Henderson drops passes. Olindo Mare misses field goals. Passes are intercepted. Handoffs are fumbled. Offensive blocks are missed. Defensive coverage is inadequate. This is not competence.

When will our team turn it around?

When they find themselves, make big plays, and hire people to do the job. Hope this happens sooner than later.

I miss Joe Horn. He had all three of these things.

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