Saturday, January 20, 2007

Latin Teacher Nerdery

One of the reasons I came to Chicago for the Saints game was to hang with one of my Latin teacher buds. I brought a ream of materials that I use with 5th graders for a friend of his that is starting a new middle school Latin program. Of course, we text messaged in Latin and spent a good portion of the evening talking about teaching Latin. I think I am done with that portion of this trip.

Last night we went out in Wrigleyville - had a really good blue cheese burger and some chili fries at a nice little place called the Avenue Tavern (upscaly, but not pretentious - Think the Bulldog on Canal Blvd.). Then we headed to Friar Tuck's (divy but not dark enough - the old Robert's bar had a similar feel) for a beer and then across the street to Monsignor Murphy's (nice, dark, but not divy and a little young for me - New Bruno's). I tend to favor dive bars, personally. Then the medicine hit me. I had to take the bus back to the hotel.

I am ready to light this place up tonight - taking names along the way.

So far, here in Chi-Town, the people here seem split 50-50 on whether the Saints will win. They don't think Grossman is very good, but they think he is the future of their team (is this ironic or foreboding?) . But they are scared of the Saints potent offense.

On the agenda today:
  • Make reservations at the Weber Grill Restaurant on State St.
  • Listen to some Blues.
  • Shake this cold (or not. It won't matter when the adrenaline starts flowing).
  • Buy something nice for the wife.
  • Eat a slice of Chicago pizza somewhere.
  • Hook up with the New Orleans folks.
  • Yell WHO DAT!? and see who answers.
  • Get a decent night's sleep.

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Tim said...

For good pizza in Chicago, go to Geno's East. There are two locations in downtown:

633 N. Wells St. (Ontario and Wells)
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 943-1124
Fax: (312) 943-9589

162 E. Superior St
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-266 DEEP (3337)
Fax: 312-266-6770

Pizza might be the ONLY thing Chicago does well (aside from separate everyone into ghettos and make snow, of course).

Oh, hot dogs are good there, too.

Kick some ass while you're there! They need a coupla cans of whoopass opened in Chicago! Geaux Saints!