Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fear + Desperation

Enough is enough. I can't imagine what the city is going through right now. There are less than half as many people in New Orleans now as there were before Katrina and the failure of the levees. And yet the murders continue. As dire as the situation is, these 17 months later, and as desperate as people feel, nothing should be compounded by the fear that is overtaking the city. I have said it before, and I will say it again: If you had a chance to start from scratch, to do everything over again, would you do it all exactly the same way? Because this is what I sense is happening. Ray Nagin, with all his acting and feigned outrage, is not changing in the Post-K world. We will spew the same rhetoric as before. "The criminals need to go." No joke. How? How can you do it differently? Why do you continue to run the show without real interest? If a crime affects one of the people of New Orleans, it affects all the people of New Orleans. Eddie Jordan is obviously incompetent. Warren Riley is ineffective. Even though the situation has changed, the solutions are the same. Does anyone else see this as a problem? It's called situational awareness. Apparently the people in charge think the same old tired methods will work. They won't.
I wish I could take off work tomorrow to march on City Hall and through the streets of New Orleans to protest the killing. But the criminals won't be marching. They won't be watching. And they won't care. But, goddammit, enough is enough. New Orleanians will stand up together and say it. And I hope to God that someone who can change things is listening. Then I hope they do something about it.

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