Sunday, October 15, 2006


There is a student at the school I teach at that is interested in attending Tulane. As expected, her parents are concerned about crime in New Orleans. I tell her that crime is average for a large city in the US. Then I read over and over and over that there was a murder, and a double murder, and then a murder where two innocent bystanders where injured, and then a stabbing, etc. I know that we need people to come down there and visit. This kid is one of the best and brightest, and I am worried for his/her safety right now. What is going on? How can we expect people to visit (or come spend four years worth of money) if we can't keep the murderers off the street and provide the public with some sense of safety? When can I expect some good news for my prospective student and his/her parents? BTW - this kid is a Latin nerd. And would be a great fit in New Orleans (not just for college but after).

ASIDE: Most Tulane kids leave New Orleans for greener pastures because they can. New Orleans and Louisana would benefit immensely by keeping Tulane grads in LA in my opinion. Easier said than done. What you have now at Tulane is kids that are interested in saving the world (because of their new focus on community service). We need them to stay, if you ask me. So what can we do to encourage this? And what do I tell potential students?

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saintseester said...

For what it's worth, my parents had concerns about me going to New Orleans and being safe at Tulane when I went in 1981. It's not that the world is really scarier, in my opinion, it is that we don't ignore it so much when we age.