Thursday, August 24, 2006

Katrina +1, Part I (Thursday Before)

The next few posts will be about my memories from last year. Rather than use the 29th of August as my reference date, I will use the days of the week which are easier for me to remember than the numerical days.

I flew into town for the annual fantasy football draft. My friend had just been diagnosed with cancer, and I was looking forward to a nice visit with him and the rest of my buddies in New Orleans. Since I didn't rent a car, my mom came and picked me up. It was a relaxing evening - Popeye's for dinner and then a friends house to talk and have a few beers. Katrina was not even a thought. It had struck in Florida with tons of rain, but it was forecast to go far east of us, Pensacola, I think. Nothing to worry about. Just another one of my trips to New Orleans. Nothing really eventful. Yet.

1 comment:

dillyberto said...

I wanted to hook up today.

I had several good intentioned folk come in to work on last minute projects to help out their grades. I am sorry I missed you.

Thanks for being there last night.

Thanks for being honest, frank, and forthcoming about your feelings in regard to Brian. I feel similarly.

All I can say is we'll see what pans out.

You and Niehus make a good tag drinking team.