Sunday, August 06, 2006


Let's be honest - no one reads this blog. I write this for myself. Mentally and psychologically, it has helped me recover from the death of my beloved New Orleans. No doubt she will rise again, but she will never be the same. The failure of the levees and the loss of trust in the Army Corps of Engineers has assured that New Orleans and New Orleanians are second-class citizens. I have struggled with this truth, and I hate to admit it.

I am coming home. I will come home. I am out of place everywhere else, something that I consider a blessing. When people ask me where I am from, I tell them New Orleans and they are enthralled - everyone that has been there has come away different. People don't say the same things about Minneapolis or Columbus or Jacksonville.

I have loads of questions to which I do not and cannot find the answer. I watch and listen and read, and I know that despite my wishes, my hopes, and my desires New Orleans' politicians continue their shortsighted scheming and profiteering to benefit the fat cats and purposefully and meaningfully screw over the populace of the city to which they have been entrusted (Meffert, Collins, Nagin, etc.)

When I come home, I will not rest until I have had a part in ending the b.s. that has plagued our great city. The people of New Orleans deserve better than the nonsense that they are being forced to put up with. They can and they will do better for themselves. We need to throw the bums out. Not some of them, all of them. Peoeple will say that we don't want our image to be tainted by this. Image is perception. Corrupt, unethical, unworthy people with bad/no/stupid ideas run the place for their (and their friends) benefits. So much more is on the line. How can the situation continue unabated? How do people turn a blind eye to the nonsense? How do they not know? Is this a conspiracy?

Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I am disappointed. Yes, I cannot believe the crime and the criminals and the drug wars are back. Yes, the mayor and the governor and the president are buffoons. These are undeniable facts. Yet the mayor and his cronies are still robbing the overwhelmed and devastated city of its diminished resources. How is this possibly ok?

I guess the point is this - I will continue to fight for my New Orleans, but I am not sure if this forum is the place to raise these questions. If nobody is listening, what good does it do. And I don't have the insider perspective that I want and need to make this worth the while for now. I need to refocus my energy and find the direction for this 'blog. Until I do, I am on hiatus. Keep fighting, keep struggling, and keep the bastards accountable. I will be home to help in the fight one day.

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