Saturday, July 22, 2006

Your Enemy's Enemy Is Not Necessarily Your Friend (Bumbling Towards Glory)

I have read with interest as many blogs as possible about what happens in NOLA. I read them obsessively every day. I wander, I read, I click, I read, I think, I try to write (albeit poorly most times) about what I think. I do not think I have wonderful, thought-provoking, interesting things to say. But I do have something to say sometimes.

After Katrina, there is no doubt that George W. Bush bumbled. He has bumbled in Iraq, he bumbled through 9-11 (Giuliani was the key to the recovery in New York), he has bumbled through most everything he has done in his life (National Guard, Texas Rangers, etc.). And the Republican leadership in Congress has been lead astray by their "leader."

However, just because the Republicans are blindly following the bumbler and are leaving New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast to fend for themselves does not mean that Democrats would be doing any better. John Kerry has visited New Orleans three (3!) times and thinks rightly that the situation in New Orleans is deplorable. Is it simply rhetoric? I don't know. Would things here be different if Kerry was president? What if it was Al Gore? I think George Bush has said similar things and tried to say he would make things better. But from him we know it's simply rhetoric. I am tired of people "speaking" about the conditions in my home town. I am tired of photo opportunities. I want someone to DO SOMETHING. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is or has given $100,000,000.00 USD. Stop the talk, Washington politicians. Stop the inane banter. We are tired of hearing it. DO SOMETHING ALREADY.

Is there a point? Yes. Bush is an idiot. He is a politician. Politicians are idiots. They tend to look like they care and want to do something for you. Do they really? Not on either side of the political fence. We need a new party, a new system, and new leadership - people that care, people that do, and people that can. How about we call the new party Sinn Fein?

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