Tuesday, July 11, 2006

NEPA supports NOLA

I love the subdudes. When I was in New Orleans in January, I went to see them at their Behind the Levee CD release party at Southport Music Hall. It was raining, the roof there was still leaking, and it wasn't very crowded. I didn't know one single person there which was fine by me. I loved having the concert be so intimate. It was truly wonderful.

And now this weekend the subdudes are going to be in Scranton, PA (home of TV's the Office) at an event called Poconotes. I am not sure what this is all about, but I plan on going. Their tag line seems to be "From NOLA to NEPA" (I guess that means Northeast Pennsylvania?). Storyville Stompers are the opening act.

On another note, we get a channel or two from up there in Scranton. Whenever I watch some of the smaller market evening news programs, I can't help thinking that either a) one day I am going to see that guy or gal on the national news or b) how the heck did you end up in Scranton? That being said, I find the smaller market news people to be much more professional and polished than the folks who broadcast from New York and Philadelphia. When watching the smaller market news, I feel like I am watching the next Hoda Kotb or Susan Roesgen. I know there are plenty of others out there who started or came through New Orleans. Now if they would all get together to keep the story in the news...

UPDATE: I went to Philadelphia to the Southern Comfort Music Experience on Saturday instead. Beatinpath, Bonerama, and Cowboy Mouth were on the bill. And it was free. And they served booze. And it was outside. So the subdudes will have to come back this way so I can see them next time. Overall it was a good evening, even though it took a long time to get home....

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