Saturday, December 10, 2005

MREs are edible?

No matter how bad things got after the hurricane, I heard worse and worse reports. It just seemed like the news was never-ending and the horror was beyond tragic in every circumstance. Things were beyond bad, I will grant anyone that.

I am upset, and I feel betrayed. But not by just the government. I was watching CNN or FOX News or MSNBC or some such channel, and they were interviewing some lady and her husband who had been transported by bus to Houston. Outside the Astrodome, the interviewer, who was in studio, asked the poor woman if the rumors that there was no food were true. She said that they were. "All dey gave us was dose MREs. That's not food." The interviewer did not follow up. Instead, he focused on the odyssey that got these poor people to Houston. I thought that was weird. I know MREs are food. I used to go to the Army surplus store on Williams in Kenner and get a few to hold me over in times of extreme poverty. 5 bucks on a meal like that! There was more food than one person can eat in a sitting. In fact, the meal is an overload of calories so that soldiers who are in need of extra energy can continue. (Then I started thinking that perhaps that is part of what caused all of the human waste problem in the Superdome. That may be inappropriate. So let me get back to the point.) Anyway, just wanted to say that I thought those were supposed to be food. Was there potable water? I don't know. And that could be a more significant problem. I just thought that was an interesting memory. Maybe it's not. But I did see that.

Perhaps next time, I will move forward instead of dwelling in the past. At some point, I have to.

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dillyberto said...

That landlord had some good garage sale MRE's too.