Thursday, December 15, 2005

Letter to Congress and The President

Dear Honorable Sirs and Madams,

As a person who was born and raised in New Orleans and moved away fortunately not because of Hurricane Katrina, resolving the issues in Louisiana, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast is beyond important for the people who call this area home. This area is important for our country, and this area means a great deal to me personally. I am frustrated and angry to hear my elected leaders talk and not back it up with action. I heard the President say in New Orleans that he would do whatever it takes. Well, the people who live down there are telling you what we need. The people and the government and the business leaders and the people displaced in the largest diaspora this country has seen since the Great Depression. We need levees. We need assistance in building the levees. We need help in restoring the wetlands. We need help in fixing our houses, business, and open spaces.
Everyone knows there is a lot to be done. I know, you know, a guy in Iowa knows, Congress knows, and the President knows. The time for talk and fingerointing is past. The time for meaningful work and help and revitalization is now. Everyday that you wait is one day closer to the next hurricane and flood. This needs to be a priority, the first thing on the list. Despite the fact that America has a short attention span, this issue will not go away if you ignore it. This issue, the resolutions that you pass, and the way that you deal with this in both the short and long term is important. You must do something, and you must do it now.


dillyberto said...


To which members did you send this well-crafted jesuit rhetoric - other than the president?

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