Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trip to New Orleans

The seniors at my school are offered some wonderful opportunities at the end of the year.  They are given several options for trips, experiences, and investigation.  We call it "Senior Explorations.  One of the teachers in the Upper School is planning a trip to New Orleans, and she asked for my input on things for them to do.  I was so eager to help that I have been asked to even go.  I have now started contacting people for ideas and help organizing the trip.  It's a fun challenge to keep 17 and 18 year olds entertained for 5-6 days in New Orleans.
I would like the students to go on a ghost tour, perhaps tour the SuperDome (Sacredome?), eat at one of Emeril's restaurants, go to Cafe' Reconcile, the WWII Museum, Aquarium of the Americas, and do a bunch of other touristy things.  The only thing I have done on this list is Cafe' Reconcile.  I think a critical part of this experience is to do some kind of community service, but I don't simply want them to do Habitat for Humanity.  There's nothing wrong with Habitat, but I think they need to see another part of New Orleans - one that was flooded and doesn't get much attention.  So far, I am thinking that we can work for the St. Bernard Project. 
If anyone has other groups that are doing good in Gentilly or New Orleans East, I would appreciate more information. 
Here are some of the things I could use help with:
Cheap food
A cooking demonstration that doesn't cost a fortune
interesting and offbeat opportunities (610 Stompers - I am looking at you!)
Soup Kitchen (Is Ozanam Inn the only place?)
Food bank or pantry
fun breakfast places
sporting events

Leave a comment if you can help me out!



Anonymous said...

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