Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dear Trader Joe's

Easton, PA is a vibrant and welcoming community whose populace would be interested, I believe, in a Trader Joe's.  We have a great location downtown that was an old Perkins restaurant and has plenty of parking (and a huge parking deck next door!).  It would be the only real supermarket downtown!  You wouldn't be able to build your suburban type store, but after living and frequenting your store in Westfield, NJ, I know you can do it.  Won't you please consider this location?  If not Easton (my first choice!), there has to be somewhere else you can go in the Lehigh Valley...  (Mayor Sal Panto or Easton is very much pro-business, I think.)

Thanks for your consideration!





Jason David's agent said...

#29 got the first intercept in training camp and had Colston interfere to stop him from a second one!