Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who's Fault is this?

500 Cases sitting around without police reports.  I remember when my apartment got robbed in college on Upperline St.  It took a while for the cops to come, and then I had to go downtown and wait to be told the report was not available.  The stereo system my dad bought me for high school graduation was gone, and I had nothing to show for it.  When my car was broken into and stolen at the end of January in 1993, it languished in the tow lot off Downman for 8 weeks because there was no report even though the idiots who stole it were caught in it the night they stole it.  It took a lot of phone calls and several trips out ther to reclaim my car.  Now the police are waiting 2 years to do reports.  This system is broken, and no one seems interested in fixing it.  When my truck was broken into (3 times) I didn't even waste my time reporting it.  Shouldn't the police be working WITH the DA?  Maybe the don't like me, but isn't the DA their ally?

If you let the criminals go you are accomplishing three goals:  more criminals on the street to commit more crimes, reinforcing their belief that they are above the law, and reducing the public's confidence in your ability to protect them.  That's a lose-lose-lose.  How is that a good thing?

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