Tuesday, July 17, 2007


1) I don't want to read this because it has Scott Cowen's name associated with it. I wonder what people he polled for his information. I also notice that it comes from newswise.COM not newswise.ORG. One bit that caught my eye:
The survey identified the community's top three priorities for good public schools: high-quality teachers, clear and high goals for students, and safe and disciplined schools.
That is an awesome start. Here are some helpful tips on how to achieve them for anyone listening

if you pay teachers more money, you will get better teachers (as long as you give some kind of merit based pay and provide them with professional development support).

Clear goals are easier - here is your work. You will do it, and you will do it well. There will be no excuses. By parents, students, or teachers. Also, teachers need to adhere to this as well.

Safe schools are critical to anything else. If the schools aren't safe, how can anything else be accomplished. Your mind has to be focused on learning, not protecting yourself.

2) Alert Mr. Clio to this story. Two New Orleanians are involved in a shooting in San Antonio, TX. They were shot at, and one was killed. Seems like a lot of crime is taking place in that area now. Probably caused by New Orleanians who were released by Eddie Jordan for lack of witnesses to crimes that they committed. (Please note the heavy tinge of sarcasm associated with this section of the post).

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Mr. Clio said...

Orleanians should avoid San Antonio at all costs. The crime there is indeed a threat to our well-being. Thanks for pointing this out!