Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Does anyone even read GQ?

After the embarrassment of Alan Richman's column about the lack of food quality and culinary expertise in New Orleans (which is absurd), GQ comes forth with an article about the Lower Ninth Ward called One Block, One Year, 13 Houses. According to the intro, this is all about a block on Marais St with not much in particular about it. They seem to say that the NYT and the national media did a poor job at best covering Katrina and the failure of the levees. Could this be some sort of apology for the Richman piece?
While I know that the Lower Ninth Ward is barely a shadow, if that, of what it was 18 months ago, people in this country have heard that term. Have they also heard of Gentilly, Lake Terrace, Lakeview, Broadmoor, and New Orleans East? Couldn't some more poignant reporting have happened if they had selected 13 houses from different (former?) neighborhoods in New Orleans?
Any press to me at this point is good press (except the Richman piece - fuck that dude). What do we have to do to get back and stay in the news?
In other news, my mom is heading up here for Thanksgiving again. Last year she was living with my brother and his 3 kids and wasn't back in her house yet. She was going to be moving in on her return.

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doctorj2u said...

One of my biggest losses from Katrina was my loss of respect for this country. You could never in a million years before Katrina convince me that Americans would let one of their own cities sit in ruins. They don't want to even hear about it. Did you ever read the book "Brave New World"? It is like they just want to break out the soma {Happy pills) and listen to their canned news. On the good news front, I went into the "sliver by the river" this weekend and for the first time since the strom it felt like the pre-K New Orleans. The only thing missing was the streetcars on St. Charles. So things are getting better. I just wished the country cared.