Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Voodoo that You do

Saints win. I ate popeye's, a pulled pork sandwich, had a picture of Miss Seminole next to me, drank a bloody and some abita, had the scented candles burning, and did the sacred and solemn chants. It seems to have worked. And I got so many awesome pictures from the Sacredome. And I won in all three fantasy football leagues. This good week has turned into a great week.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, man...just beautiful

dillyberto said...

Where did ya get the pic?

Thanks, I haven't put any we took on the computer yet!


The Eagles game will be equally NUTZ!

greg said...

I'm stealing your picture for part of my next comic (http://suspect-device.com). Please don't sue me.

saintseester said...

I've got one of those pics too - if greg wants to steal it, that's cool! (Ours is prettier though).

dillyberto said...

Tulane may have been the harbinger of the Carolina game.

They kept it close to the end.

It is how we handle defeat that should help us to take victory in stride.